County Finance Chief Officer Arrested For Breaking Into A House And Stealing Items Worth 100k


County Finance Chief Officer Arrested For Breaking Into Someone's House And Steals House Items Worth 100k

Baringo County Finance Chief Officer has been arrested early today after she was accused of Breaking into the house of one Nixon Kibiwott Chumo and stoke assorted items on a past date.

A county finance officer is one of the top leaders in a county as they advice and control the budget of the county hence they are handsomely paid by the County Government. The Arrest of the county Chief finance officer has left many kenyans with questions as to why she would do such an act yet she she is paid handsomely.

Jane Borus is alleged to have broken into Nixon Kibiwott Chumo's house on 16th June. The house is located in Ravine Junction in Nakuru County and stole assorted beddings, clothes, gas cooker and also title deed belonging to the accuser. The senior county leader have been put on custody in Nakuru County as she awaits to be arraigned in Court.

Kenyans have shown mixed reactions regarding this matter as they suspect foul play on this case. Some kenyans revealed that a logical County officer wouldn't do such a thing in her right minds and that the police should speed up with the investigation to determine the matter.


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