Let us solve all road accidents in Ghana with this method


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Road accidents these days in Ghana is on the rise. Many people have lost their lives in various forms of roads accidents.

One best way to solve road accidents in Ghana is to stop speeding. 

Over 80% of all road accidents are caused by speeding of some drivers. Speeding leads to lost of control of the car with results in accident. Speeding can make vehicles somersault and results in injury of passengers or sometimes death.

There must be police officials by the road side at least every 2 kilometers to check the speed levels of drivers.

Offenders must be punished. This will solve and save 80% of lives lost in road accidents. Human lives must be protected and all passengers must caution drivers who take them on top speed. Anything can happen when drivers do too much speeding.

This is one best way to solve majority of the cause of road accidents in Ghana.

May God help us all and protect us in our day to day activities.

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