Has Fahyvanny Got Back To Her Ex Lover Rayvanny?

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Fahyvanny is a Tanzanian model, fashionista, enterpreneur, business woman, video vixen, brand ambassador, actress, public figure, social media influencer, dancer and a proud mother of one.

She is the ex lover to the Tanzanian singer and songstress, Rayvanny and together they are blessed with one son named Jayden and despite the fact that they are not together, they still co operate in bringing up their kid.

Today, Fahyvanny has taken to her Instagram page and posted a question and answer tab to enable her fans open up on any issue they would want to ask.

On the post, a fan replied asking "ulirudiana na baba Jayden?" which it means if she has gotten back to her ex lover, Rayvanny and Fahyanny replied that "sielewi ata" meaning she is not aware about her relationship with Rayvanny.

However, during an interview with Bona Tv yesterday on Hamisa Mobetto's album launch, she was also asked about her relationship status with Rayvanny and Fahyvanny replied the same thing saying that she is not aware about her marital status with the singer, Rayvanny.

You can check on the interview she did with Bona Tv on the link below:


Do you think that Fahyvanny got back to her ex lover, Rayvanny but she does not want to make it clear to the media?Kindly comment down below on the comments section and do not forget to like and share for more updates.

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