5 Bad Things Ladies Do In Public That Does Not Show Good Ladylike Manners

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From an early age, the majority of women are taught to behave in a ladylike manner. For example, African women were taught by their mothers to behave in specific ways years ago, whilst dads taught their boys to behave in specific ways.

It occurs in a variety of countries around the world, particularly among royal families. Some women have already mastered the art of being a lady, particularly in terms of maintaining their composure and dressing appropriately.

While it may appear to be an attempt to compel women to perform certain behaviours, many of these behaviors have helped women become more fashionable and lovely. Unfortunately, as a result of civilisation, many of these practices have been lost. Throughout this post, we will explore particular habits that a woman should refrain from displaying in public settings:

1. Dragging your feet.

The act of dragging one's feet is both inconvenient and upsetting, even for men. Additionally, it makes you appear lethargic and unintelligent. Even if you are a slow walker, a lady should walk confidently and with a certain gait.

2. Using your hands to wipe the corners of your mouth

Even before the epidemic, cleaning the inside of your mouth or nose with your hands has been considered unsanitary. However, despite the increase in the price of many things, handkerchiefs and toilet paper are still reasonably priced options. As a result, you have no justification for wiping your face with your hands.

3. Going out without toilet paper is a bad idea.

The use of toilet paper can be extremely convenient when you need to use a public restroom, clean your face, or wipe your nose. Now when we are in the midst of a pandemic, it is much more critical.

4. Lips that are chapped

This is unacceptable, even for a man of my stature. It gives you a tacky appearance and can cause damage to your lips. Using a lip balm instead of lipstick is preferable if you don't want to wear lipstick.

5. Scratching your buttholes

The fact that your butt hole itches means that you have no control over the situation. What you can control, on the other hand, is your own personal responsibility. Instead of scratching your head in public, simply find a private or enclosed space and do your thing there.

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