This is How a Vaccine Works


The longer waits for the vaccine have ended after the first banch arrived in Kenya with the purpose of controlling the spread of Covid 19. Some Kenyan's are ready to take the vaccine without many questions but to some, the Vaccine is a bad news to them and taking it is their last option.

But you should not fear because a vaccine doesn't mean harm for you because this is how it works;

A vaccine is a tiny, weakened, non- dangerous fragment of a pathogen- the germ that causes a disease. The part that included is called the antigen.

Being vaccinated won't give you the disease because a vaccine triggers an immune response in your body and teach it to build the right type of antibody to protect you in the future against the pathogen. That way, if and when your body encounters the real pathogen later on it will already know how to spot and fight off the pathogen before it can cause disease.

Source: WHO