7 Ways to make money at home

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The economic situation of the country has taken a new turn due to the impact of covid lock down. Some people are still battling with the effects of their job losses during covid and further more people who lost theirs during looting .

If you are one of this people who are desperate to start something because you are tired of searching for jobs here are a few things you can do at home to start making income for yourself and be self employed

1. Popcorn business : Popcorn is an underestimated food when it comes to profit.There is about 200 percentage profit to make whether you start on a small or big scale.Producing and packaging popcorn from home and supplying to shops and offices has proven to be a good way of making money from home.

2. Writing : Writing is a form of business that requires little capital to set up.The demand for writers today is so high due to companies and individual securing their presence online.Writers are needed to do a lot and you can be guaranteed your expertise would be highly needed.

3.Daycare business : If you have a passion for kids , this would be an ideal business to start as there a lot of parents who need to keep their children safe while at work. You will need to check with your municipality to secure license though but you can be guaranteed to make money.

4. Hairstylist : The hair industry is so large that you will get your own piece of the cake even if you are operating from home.With proper marketing tactics, you are guaranteed to get clients flocking to your door step.

5. House cleaning service : House cleaning is a business that you can start easily from home.with cleaning materials that you can source easily , you are bound to get enough clients.

6. Social media manager : Small and big companies are struggling to create their presence online .If you are good with designing and writing good post you can make money managing companies social media accounts.

7. Catering business : Food is well known as a profit maker due to high demand.You don't necessarily have to have a store front or restaurant to sell food.You can cook and supply food to offices,schools and events.

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