High school graduate goes missing a day after celebrating her birthday

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Rachael Stonge, the daughter of Stonge Razak, has gone missing after celebrating her birthday on Friday 22 October 2021. Rachael, a high school graduate of Domeabra Senior High and Technical School, went missing on Saturday morning when the family woke up to an empty room with few things remaining. All her clothes, including new ones her mother Ataa Stonge had bought for her during her birthday on Friday, were all gone from her room when the family went to check on her.

Ataa Stonge, the mother of Rachael, had wanted to leave her shop in her hands and was calling her to give instructions on how to operate the shop in her absence when she met an empty room, instead of her daughter sleeping. It was initially assumed she had gone on a jog, but it was later confirmed on Sunday that, she was missing after she failed to shop up.

Domeabra-Junsa Police, operating with their missing person policy of 24hours, confirmed Rachael missing yesterday after she failed to return home on Saturday and Sunday. The woman that celebrated her birthday on Friday 22 October had no enemies which would make anyone target her, except one man; Danso Armstrong, whom the family suspects is behind their daughter's disappearance, the mother told the Domeabra-Junsa Police last night after she was finally confirmed missing.

Armstrong Danso, 32, is suspected of either forcing Rachael to elude with him or kidnapping her after he claimed to have taken care of Rachael during her high school days at Domeabra Senior High and Technical School. Armstrong despite no document to support his case, claimed that he had invested over 20,000cedis into Rachael's high school education and was the one that even paid her school fees every term from SHS 1 to SHS 3.

Rachael may have enjoyed the privileges of her man taking care of her but all reports suggest that, the Stonge family which gave birth to Rachael were the ones that took care of her as the father Razak Stonge brought all her school bills and receipt to counter the arguments of Danso Armstrong when the family denied him his marital suggestions.

Danso Armstrong had suggested the Stonge family allows him to marry Rachael since she had completed high school, but the father Razak Stonge on 23 July 2021, shut Armstrong up and warned him with police arrest if he came to his house with that statement again. My daughter is young and has a vision ahead of her, I won't allow anyone to temper with that vision. Until she finishes her university education, she is not marriageable, Razak Stonge, the father of Rachael Stonge warned on 23 July.

Rachael was not allowed to marry Armstrong even after she made her intentions known to her mother and that, the family believes, is what has triggered her disappearance. It is either Armstrong has poisoned my daughter's brains or he had kidnapped her, the father said in support of his wife's police complaint. Domeabra-Junsa police is on the lookout for Rachael Stonge, a 25-year-old high school graduate with Armstrong Danso being a suspect.

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