Opinion: Why You Should Pick Your Huduma Namba Card Before The End Of Next Week


Since the process of collecting the huduma number cards began, it's almost 3 months now and the process is still ongoing. Personal I believe it to be more effective and efficient to collect your huduma card before the end of next week. Huduma cards are Said to be rolled out at the end of this year and will eventually replace ID cards which we are currently using. The Huduma number Cards will then be used for accessing various government services which are very essential for Kenyans.

It's my own opinion that the government could rollout another second phase for huduma number card collection which could make it difficult for individuals whose huduma cards were out for collection in the first phase. Who knows? The government could set aside those huduma number cards whose individuals have not yet collected and produce the rest of the huduma cards to be collected in the the second phase. This Makes it very wise for individuals whom have already received text messages concerning huduma number collection to do so before the end of next week.

Getting your huduma card will help you to be able to continue enjoying government services when the current national ID cards will be replaced by the Huduma number Cards. With an huduma number card, you will be able to get hospital services and all all the government services which you cannot access without an ID which is currently being used in Kenya.

Information is power. Collect your huduma number card before the end of next week to allow the government to speed up in rolling out the second phase for huduma number card collection exercise.

Thank you.

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