Here is the Richest country in the Whole World. See Why it is Very Rich


Qatar is undoubtedly the richest country in the whole world. Qatar is located on the west coast of Persian Gulf and borders Saudi Arabia. The president of Qatar is called Sheikh Tamim ibn Hamad AL Thani. It's capital city is Doha. Qatar's official language is Arabic while it's official religion is Islamic. Qatar's currency exchange rate is 1 USD equals 3.640 Qatari riyal (QR). Here are the amazing facts about Qatar:

Qatar has an estimated population of 3 million people. It's total area us about 11,627 SQ kilometers. This means that there around 233 people per every kilometre. The amazing fact is that qatari only make 11.6% of the total population while the other 88.4% are non qatari. Qatar is mainly comprised of immigrants from other countries who are basically there for trade and business. Its net immigration rate is the highest in the Persian gulf and third highest worldwide. 

Qatar GNI per capita amounts to 116,799 USD which is the highest in the whole world. This means everyone in Qatar is a millionaire. The main reason as to why Qatar is so rich is because it has small population of 2.88 million people. Moreover, it's population is comprised of expatriates adding value their GNI. Qatar has amassed all it's wealth through trade. Qatar main exports are petroleum products and liquefied Natural gas accounting for 70% of the total government revenue. 

Moreover, Qatar will host world cup FIFA 2022 scheduled to take place from 21 November to 18 December. This will be an opportunity for the country to continue grow economically. There will be lots of inflows of income from the visitors. The country will continue to grow and reach higher heights economically.