Twins Have The Same Parents But Were Born With Different Skin Tones.

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These two adorable twins have the same mother and father but were somehow born different.

In this picture, these adorable girls are only 7 months old, their names are Isabella and Gabriella.

And although these sisters are so young and unaware of what's going on, they happen to be one of the most famous twins in the world.

People are fascinated by these adorable twins mostly because they are cute and have two different skin tones. It's almost hard to believe that they are related but in-fact they are.

The twin sisters are so different by skin tone and personalities.

"Isabella is the calm and super laid back twin. She likes to giggle and loves to be tickled. Gabriella is the more energetic twin who started crawling at 5 months and has not stopped moving since. She’s very energetic, always smiling and loves to snuggle", says the mother of the girls, Clementina Shipley.

Many people thought that the girls were mixed-race, but they are actually both African-American like their parents. And it is very strange to see twins who look so different also skin tone.

But the girls seem to be very happy with each other and they might up grow up with a lot of questions for their parents. But genes are a tricky business and sometimes can't be explained!

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