Every minute there is a broken heart. Look at what Zion Felix did to his long time girlfriend.


Bloggers girlfriend Mina Lawani speaks after videos of him marrying another girl went viral on social media

Mina Lawani, the girlfriend of Zion Felix a popular blogger has broken her silence after the news went viral that her man got married to another lady. She revealed that she is leaving everything to God.

Initially some videos of the blogger popped online on social media. Most Ghanaians shared their opinions on what happened including Queen Afia Schwar who mocked while congratulating Zion Felix for having gotten married to another beautiful lady.

Mina admitted that she had a lot to say but she rather prefers to leave them to God to fight the battle. She argued that some people wanted her to be like her with their miserable lives “A lot has happened and as I want to address it, some things are left unsaid. I will rather let God fight my battle”. She quoted.

Meanwhile Zion Felix reacted to the viral videos denying those allegations. He said on Facebook” am not married and I have never been married.

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