PHOTOS: See How Buhari Was Welcomed At The Airport After Arriving Nigeria From His London Trip

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President Muhammadu Buhari has finally returned back to Nigeria after spending up to two weeks in London receiving medical care. It is a thing of joy to see that Buhari returned back to the country looking very healthy than ever before.

According to reports, president Muhammadu Buhari arrived Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport this evening and was well received by members of his cabinet as well as some important Personalities that have affiliations with him.

Recall that late last month, president Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for London on medical leave. During the entire period of his stay out there, Buhari resided in the Abuja House in London and was constantly disturbed by some Nigerians who wanted him to return back to the country.

However, Buhari has granted their request and he is now back in the country look very happy and healthy just as we all expected.

That is why I have decided to share some photos that were taken when he arrived at Nnamdi Azikiwe airport this evening.

Below are the photos.

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