Uzalo: Gabsile in action, church did the unthinkable to her & this is what she does to Pastor Gwala.

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Guys finally Gabsile is back and they have narrated how her life was saved by Hlelo.

Gabsile has been plotting the perfect opportunity to come back, expecting cries of jubilation, she is supprise when the church members aren't that happy about her return, they see her as a murder who killed Nomcebo and Khehla, but Gabsile begs them to let the past be and give her a second chance, when she realised that she is not accepted she decided to pretend as if she has amnesia she don't remember anything from her past, but funny enough Gabsile remembered that she use to call Nkunzi Pantual and That Sbonelo is her son. 

When Gabi realize her friends are not buying her memory loss story she decided to be friend Pastor Gwala, she knows that with Pastor Gwala in her side community will be reluctant to push her away, Pastor Gwala believes everything Gabi is telling him I think she will even stay in his house. 

Guys Gabsile isn't going to prison anytime soon as she also tells the police she don't remember anything from her past. As if getting cold shoulder from the community isn't bad enough for Gabsile, she soon get rejected by the only person she cares about Her son Sbonelo. Sbonelo is angry that Gabsile left him grieving, instead of coming back and free him from the pain of loosing her, Sbonelo knows Gabsile and He knows she is lying about not remembering what happened in the past. 

Trying to convince everyone Gabsile will start to do charity works with kids to prove that she has changed. 

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Source of information [TV plus magazine & Sanelyf YouTube channel]

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