Why william Samoei Ruto is the man to beat in the 2022 General Election

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William Samoe Ruto is a kenyan politician and the current deputy president of the republic of Kenya 

His rise in the Kenyan political scenes is mainly attributed to his wit and ability to mobilize and scheme. I equate him to an eagle who sees his prey high up in the clouds before his opponents could even blink.

William Ruto is the man to beat in the 2022 political drumbeat. This is because of various factors which include : 

1 *William Ruto is a terrible mobilizer*

William Ruto is credited for being a great mobilizer and organizer towards a certain agenda. In 2010 he mobilized members of the KAMATUSA political grouping to oppose the 2010 constitution and he successfully set his foot in the road to his political destiny.

His current tribe less agenda of Hustler Nation has changed the landscape of politics in this country and it got his opponents off guard since they still believe in tribal realignments.

He has managed to mobilize and form a formidable national party called united democratic alliance whose symbol is a wheelbarrow to push the narrative.

2 *He is crafty and energized* 

Unlike his opponents,William Ruto is the youngest and has energy to traverse the country. Recently he held 137 rallies within a month touring the hills and the valleys of Kenya. His messaging and strategy of "meet the people" is straight and on point. 


 *3 Branding* 

William Ruto is the most branded politician in this country today. Whenever a yellow colour is spotted william Ruto comes into the mind of his supporters. His campaigns are always painted with UDA colours unlike his main opponents who is yet to fully brand his machinery. He is yet to decide on the orange or the royal blue colour.

Politics is like marketing. A brand is important in politics 

 *4 Jubilee successes*  

Ruto has managed to carry an image of an outsider within government.He has successfully convinced most kenyans about his success in government leaving Raila Odinga to carry the failures 

This is political magic 

 *5 Betrayal*  

In politics, betrayal and interest is a common factor.

William Ruto has carried the face of "being betrayed" by a friend he helped. 

Kenyans tend to stand with whoever is down and sympathize with them thus Ruto's chances of climbing the house on the hill is increased.

 *6 Bottom-up Economics* 

Most kenyans associate themselves with this agenda since majority of them have seen a lot economically. From rising cost of living to unemployment escalated by covid-19

Kenyans believe William Ruto is the saviour since he is one of their own. ( Hustler)

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