It’s for my wife and children- Salah thief confesses after he was caught and beaten to a pulp


As many left their homes to go and celebrate the Islamic festival, others saw it as the privilege to break into houses and steal items of people celebrating the festival. The festival was a success but became a bad day to this robber who allegedly is known or notorious for breaking into people’s homes. In a trending video which features a Salah thief, he allegedly broke into an Islamic home and stole some cash, toaster, microwave and other items.

These items were smuggled into a bag as he attempted to run away with them. He was allegedly caught by neighbours who suspected the strange activities which were going on in the house. The thief after he realized he had been caught attempted to jump the fence but was too high.

His struggles to jump the wall delayed his escape and was arrested by Neighbours. He shouted it’s for my wife and children, i was doing all this for my family I wanted them to survive- the thief sadly cried for mercy. The crowd who were moved decided to spare him but those who claim they had fallen victim to these lies before didn’t agree.

He was supervised by the crowd to clean the gutters and maintain the streets with the crowd supplying him with water. This is a method many have revealed that it will help clean the gutters and reduce mob justice since the zoomlion are hardly seen on duty nowadays. The robber has allegedly been picked up by the police.