CCTU: Friends Of Murdered Nana Clark Sacrifices Their Night To Hold A Vigil In Her Honour

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Nana Ama Clark's friends staged a vigil on the Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU) campus in her honor. Miss Clark was discovered dead on Friday, May 13 at OLA Estate, a Cape Coast neighbourhood.

Her lifeless body was discovered disfigured, leading to speculation that her assailants may have removed the missing body parts for ritual purposes. Nicholas Ato Bronk Taylor, her lover, has already been arrested and held in police custody to assist with the investigation.

Nana Ama Clark's friends had to hold a solemn vigil on Sunday, May 15, when she would have celebrated another birthday. To honor her, they donned black and carried candles.

Meanwhile, graduates of the technical university have urged the Ghana Police Service to "take immediate measures to apprehend the perpetrators of this horrible act and bring them before the law courts."

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