36years After acting in the movie Terminator, See how the actor looks now

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The Movie Terminator was a blockbuster Hollywood action movie that was released for the first time 36years ago. It was a science fiction movie that was directed by James Cameroon while the role of Terminator was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie told the tales of an intelligent robot that was sent back in time to come and kill a woman known as Sarah Connor. The reason for this was to stop her from giving birth to a son in future that will lead the resistance against the agenda of the dangerous and intelligent cyborgs. The movie was an instant success and it lead to the birth of a franchise that has gone ahead to produce more interesting sequels of the original movie. 

Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger is a 73year old popular American Superstar, Actor, Politician, Author, Businessman and professional Bodybuilder. He is married to his lovely wife Mrs Maria Shriver with 5 beautiful children. Although he has aged a bit but he still looks good, below are some of his recent photos:

(Mr Terminator enjoying a skiing holiday after a strenuous movie shoot)

(Mr Arnold the Terminator posing for a photoshoot with his daughter)

(The Terminator at the gym)

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