Late Moji Olaiya would have been a Year Older Today, See Pictures of Her first born who is now older

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The death of Moji Olaiya is still very fresh in the minds of friends, Family and Lovers of Nollywood industry. This is because of the kind of person she was. Moji died 4 years ago at a hospital in Canada just 2 months after giving birth to her second daughter.

The Olaiya name is not strange in the entertainment industry. Her Father Victor Olaiya is also a veteran in the music industry. Her uncle is also Femi Olaiya.

MoMoji died at 42 years old On May 7, 2017 and is survived by a husband and two daughters. Her first daughter whose father is unknown is Adunoluwa Faronmbi while Maryam Odutola is the daughter of her husband Yomi Odutola who she just got married to in the same year she died.

If she was alive, Moji Olaiya would be celebrating her 46th birthday today. It's sad to know. Her first daughter, Adunoluwa is now older and just celebrated her 22th birthday on the 25th February.

Adunoluwa graduated from the University of Babcock in 2019 and it's sad her Mother was not there to see one of her achievements .

See pictures of Adunoluwa when her mum was alive.

seee how she looks now

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