22 Beautiful Reception Wedding Dress Designs For The Modern Bride

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Modern brides come in two different varieties. So there might be more than two types of brides, but for this article, we'll focus on the conventional and unconventional brides.

The majority of brides typically fall into one of the two groups in terms of personality, and as a result, it affects the wedding dress they choose. This is also true of her reception dress, or second wedding gown.

A reception dress would be a great idea. One example is that it typically allows the bride to dance and move around more easily than the main wedding dress because it is lighter and free.

Other times, brides take the chance to reaffirm their overt fashion statement, and the outcome is twice the slay. Whatever path you take, you must pick a wedding and reception dress that feels especially like you and doesn't get in the way of the pleasure you want to have on your special day.

In case your wedding dress doesn't convey your flamboyance, a second dress enables you to flaunt your personality and sense of style. You're in luck if you're looking for a second dress right now because we've selected several gorgeous options for you to get ideas.

Check out some gorgeous ideas for reception wedding dresses for the two types of brides...

The Conventional Bride

A bride who chooses to wear a reception dress must make sure it matches the first one while still being distinctive enough to stand alone. So going for something refined is a definite way to succeed. The conventional bride prefers time-tested patterns, classic silhouettes, and tried-and-true colours. This girl can certainly go out in a small dress or other risky cuts, but she will always put comfort first above everything else.

The Unconventional Bride

Anything predictable won't work for the bride who enjoys being a little extra because non-conventional brides do things differently. You might assume that the second dress should just be less formal than the first, but for this bride, wearing a second dress serves as a reminder to her future husband, future in-laws, and other guests of her unconventionality in more ways than one. This bride has drama for a middle name—from a downright sexy dress to a chic jumpsuit, and even extra-detailed embellishments.

These are some of the great options you can use in making a statement during your wedding reception.

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