Political Analyst Kisiang'ani Sends Powerful Advice To ODM Camp


Lately,ODM members have been on spotlight attacking some of top civil servants.According to the ODM members led by Siaya senator Orengo James,have been insisting that some top official has been planning and plotting for 2022 succession behind their back.ODM camp has been advising all civil servants to perform their mandate as per constitution.Despite the outcry from the ODM members, Raila Odinga has remained silence on their Allegations.

Political analyst Kisiagani has alleged that the ODM situation is not accidental and he has adviced the entire ODM camp to prepare for the worse ahead.President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga dreamed of a peaceful nation and United one.They came up with BBI which could protect Kenyans.Some allies of Uhuru have been disclosing that handshake is over of which ODM members have strongly said that it still intact.

Kisiagani said"Over the past few days, we have been treated to very loud cries of betrayal by ODM stalwarts and supporters- all of them directed at President Uhuru's confidants. This situation wasn't accidental. It was planned. My 50-cent advice to ODM: Things will get worse! Don't you think?"

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