Just In; Details Leak On A Powerful Post That Ruto Offered Cate Waruguru After A Private Meeting

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Some few weeks ago, the Laikipia women representative hon Cate Waruguru lost her bid in vying for the Laikipia East parliamentary seat. This came in after she lost a UDA ticket to her opponent. After losing this ticket, allegations emerged that the vocal legislator might walk out of Dp Ruto's UDA party so as to remain relevant in politics.

Now, today, details have leaked on the powerful post that Ruto has offered to Waruguru after a private meeting. As reported by the kenyans.co.ke, Ruto has promised Waruguru to nominate her to the national assembly after the august general elections. According to this publication, Waruguru will still get this slot even if Ruto loses the presidency. This offer by Ruto made Waruguru to say that she will be in parliament even before those who defeated her arrives.

"In an interview with KTN News on Friday, May 20, Waruguru was overconfident that her party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) will nominate her to the National Assembly. The MP, who lost to incumbent Laikipia East member of parliament hon Amin Deddy in the UDA primaries, disclosed that she vented her frustration to Ruto in a private meeting where she was guaranteed party support."Said The reports.

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