Five Must Watch Games Today Across Europe's Top Leagues

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If you are bored this morning and don't know what to do, then look nowhere than the Europe top leagues which brings you some of the most anticipated matches today. After a dramatic Champions League week, the Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga and the rest continues.

In this article today, we will look at five must watch games today from the English premier league, Spanish La Liga, and the Italian Serie A. These games include fixtures from Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, and Arsenal games.

In the English Premier League are three of the five must watch games and these are Manchester United vs Everton which kicks off at 11:30 am GMT, Chelsea vs Southampton which kicks off at 2:00pm GMT and Brighton vs Arsenal which kicks off at 4:30pm GMT.

The next one is in the La Liga and it is between the defending champions Atletico Madrid and the struggling Spanish giant FC Barcelona, the game kicks off at 7:00pm GMT at the home of Atletico Madrid.

The final and 5th game to see is the game between Torino and Juventus which kicks off at 4:00pm GMT. Juventus after a poor start to their season have found their feet, winning 4 matches out of their last five. Can they do the magic against Torino today too.

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