Inside E-Money’s Luxurious Multi-Million Naira Omole Mansion (Photos)


Emeka Okonkwo or E-Money as he’s popularly known is a famous Nigerian businessman who is well known for his extravagant lifestyle and he’s also the brother of famous Nigerian musician Kcee. E-Money is a very successful businessman who has made a lot of money from the different businesses he does.

E-Money is the owner of a luxurious multi-million Naira mansion in Lagos, the mansion is located in Omole and it is huge and beautiful inside and out. The exterior of the mansion has a beautiful, unique design.

The building is coated with beautiful, quality paint and there’s also a stunning pool in the compound.

The interior of the mansion is breathtaking, the living room looks like a palace fit for a king, the furnitures in it are high in quality and they look like they are made of gold.

The dining room is also very beautiful and it also has furnitures that look like they are made of gold.

E-Money’s bedroom looks very amazing, it has a beautiful king sized bed in it and it looks very well furnished.