Agnes Tirop Burial: Uhuru And Susan Kihika Lectured Like Children

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Today is a very sad day for Agnes Tirop's family, as she is laid to rest. However, new issues have arisen about how to prevent the conditions in which she died from occurring again. This is due to the fact that more women have been losing their lives in this manner.

One of the top athletes lectured President Uhuru Kenyatta and Susan Kihika like children during the remarks, saying:

"As women, we have elected people to represent us in parliament..., Madam Kihika, I know she will come. You are very noisy, we see you, we recognize you. We see you, we know what you are about to say. You are great in politics, but not in women."

"Women Representatives, please go home if you are not willing to do anything for me, my sister, or my mother."

"How do you feel when an athlete flies a flag so high at the finish line? Do you feel really proud? And how did you feel when Agnes died?" the enraged athlete asked the president of the Republic of Kenya, Honourable Uhuru Kenyatta.

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