#ExJoburgMayor|People of Gauteng gathered together on Friday on memorial service of Mpho Moerane

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Mourners gathered together in Johannesburg to pay their last respect at the memorial service of the former mayor of the City of Joburg who died on Wednesday, after sustaining serious injuries that he was involved in during the week where he didn't make in the hospital trying to fight fir her life.

But people who know him describe Moerane as the servant of the people of Joburg because he gave his best try to offer quality services, to the people of this city before the Anc lost to the Democratic Alliance last year in the election.

He didn't take long on the hot seat of being the mayor of Joburg but the work that he did during that shirt period was amazing because many people still think that, he should stay longer so that he can make any changes in that city that has been challenged with crime and corruption.

Morgane will be buried tomorrow on Sunday and people will be making their final send-off to their atheist has been a sad week for the people of Gauteng, because the Anc was planning to form a strong team that will claim this city back from the DA.

The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa also hailed Moerane for the work that he has done in serving the people of this city and the Anc, but they have a lost a lot on this man and other mayors who have passed away which might be the factor of losing in the election.

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