Christians should really Prepare for the Worst or Best - Testimony of Heaven


When Pastor Emma was into occult, he decided to go for more powers to fight those Christians who tried to save him from his occultic activities. On his way, God intervened and took him to Heaven to reveal certain things unto him. This is what happened (This is a continuation of the article I shared earlier).

In heaven, the angel man took me to a room and opened something like a blackboard. In fact, if there was a way to escape, I could have escaped, for before me was written all that I had planned against Christians and my plan against the Assemblies of God church who had tried to deliver me from Occultism.

He came out of the throne and took me by His hands and said He was going to show me certain things. On our way He said: “I do not want you to perish but to save you and this is your last chance.

If you do not repent and come and serve me, you will die. I will show you the abode of the saved and the disobedient.” When He said this, I then knew He was Jesus Christ.

We entered a room and He opened something like a curtain. I saw the whole world, the people and all the activities going on. I saw both Christians and unbelievers all doing one thing or the other.

We went into a second room. He opened a curtain again and what I saw was a sorry sight. People chained. He called these people “the hypocrites.” These people looked very sorrowful and He said:

“They will remain this way until the judgment day.” We went into a third room. He opened a curtain and I saw many people rejoicing and wearing white garments. This time I asked him: “Who are these?” He said: “These are the redeemed awaiting their rewards.” 

We went into a fourth room and what I saw was very frightening. It is difficult to describe. It looked like a whole city on fire. Hell is real and terrible.

If you had been made to believe that Heaven and Hell are here on earth and that man has no hereafter but total annihilation after death, you better be well advised here and now that there is a real hell and there is a real heaven.

No wonder when Jesus Christ was on earth, He warned man about hell. I say it again, hell is real. I saw it and it is a terrible place. I asked Him: “What it is?” His answer was: “This is prepared for satan and his angels and for the disobedient.” 

We went into a fifth room and when He opened a curtain, what I saw can only be described as glorious. It was as if we were looking at it from mountain top. I saw a new city. The city was so large and beautiful.

The streets are made of gold. The buildings could not be compared with anything in this world. He said: “this is the hope of the saints. Will you be there?” Immediately I answered “Yes.”

After this we went back to the throne and He said: “Go and testify what I have done for you.” Again, He took me to another room and when He opened a curtain, I saw all that I was going to encounter on my journey to Onitsha and Lagos and how He would finally deliver me. After this He said to me: “Do not be afraid, go, I will be with you.” 

He led me out of the hall and vanished, and I woke up on a bed in another man's house. I shouted, so the man and his wife ran out from their room. They first peeped and then came in. “Why am I here?” I asked.

The man then narrated how I collapsed in a taxi and how they carried me to the Catholic Cathedral in that town. How they sent for a Doctor, who came and after examining me said my pulse was normal and that they should wait and see what would happen. 

The Doctor gave them the assurance that I would revive. The man then took me in his car to his house and had been waiting.

He also confessed he never knew why he believed the Doctor and why he took responsibility of taking me to his house. They asked me my name and address which I gave them and after that I kept quiet and never told them my experience. 

I stayed calmly with this kind family for two days. All that the Lord showed me about my journey happened one after the other I often ask myself, why would the Lord save a man like me. A man so wicked and destructive, an agent of Satan. I found the answer in these three words: God is love. Indeed, God is Love.

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