Popular Dp Ruto Ally Threatens to Unearth Corruption Scandals in Parliament (Video)


Corruption is the major or facing the country. Every sector is adversely affected by this this disease. Kenya have lost billions of money in the hands of few corrupt individuals in the country. Kenyans have been denied quality service due to corruption.

Most of leaders are corrupt. Several leaders have been arrested and charged in court of law. Some of members of parliament have also been implicated in corrupt dealings. Others have been arrested and charged in court due to corruption and misappropriation of public resources.

Nyali member of parliament and deputy president Dr William Ruto key ally Muhammad Ali has now threatened to bring jicho pevu in the parliament to unearth major corruption scandals in the parliament. Muhammed Ali known for exposing various issue in the country in his program Jicho Pevu has vowed to let kenyans know of corrupt dealings in the parliament that has led to massive loss of public money. Ali says parliament should be a place that protects public resources not a place to loot the resources.

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