Flashback: Why Nelson Mandela Was Placed on Terrorist Watch List


 Former South Africa President between 1994-1999, Nelson Mandela was placed on the terrorist watch list by some world leaders such as Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. During his extended time in prison, where he served an extended period of time in three different prisons until he was released in 1990.

Nelson was considered a dangerous terrorist. This was based on his actions and involvement in the MK.

MK, a militant group Spear of the Nation, abbreviated MK. was formed in 1961 by Nelson Mandela. The goal of this group was to exert pressure on the government with minimum casualties. This group was inspired by the late Cuban President Fidel Castro There actions were to involve bombings, but only at night when civilians were not present. One of their major goals also was to exert pressure on the government with minimum casualties, sabotage government infrastructure and military installations.

In the year 2008, his name was finally removed from the US terrorist watch list in what documentary experts called a case of slow bureaucracy. In 2008, the then US president George W Bush signed a bill removing ANC members, including Nelson Mandela from the terrorism list.

G. Bush said He had no place on our governments terror watch list, and Im pleased to see this bill finally become law.

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