A Serious Presidential Candidate Would Have By Now Gone To All LG In Lagos Campaigning- Aisha Yesufu

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It has been discovered that some political parties in Nigeria are already preparing for the 2023 Presidential election.

The candidates that will represent some of these parties have already been selected, but they have not officially introduced to the public yet.

Popular Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu, earlier took to her Twitter page to drop her opinion on what a serious 2023 Presidential candidate should have done by now.

Here is what Aisha said in the tweet, "A serious 2023 Gubernatorial or Presidential candidate would have by now gone to all local governments in Lagos campaigning for their party members. Put yourself out there so when 2023 comes, you will be remembered. Many do not realise that they are known beyond pages in newspapers".

My Opinion

I think Aisha Yesufu is right with what she said.

As a candidate, making yourself known to the public now might give you a higher chance of winning the election, probably because many people would have known some things about you.

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