If You Do Not Vaccinate, You Will Not be Allowed to Visit These Places Very Soon


During the moment the President of South Africa who is Cyril Ramaphosa made an announcement, many people became confused and left with many things going on in their head with unanswered questions. Some even said that the president is indirectly forcing them to take the vaccine or face the consequences if it ever comes.

That aside, the Department of Health has now made it clear that they’ll treat those who are Unvaccinated as foreigners from certain events which would hold in the country.

According to SAfm News, The Department of Health says although getting the vaccine against Covid-19 is still a personal option, those who chose not to take the jab, could be left out of festivals, major sporting events and even international travel.

After hearing that unvaccinated people won’t be allowed, a user said that they will create their own events for those who are unvaccinated because they cannot be left out.

It is possible for them to create their own events but i bet it’ll not be as big as the one’s made by the governments for the vaccinated people.

Many People have also shared their thoughts within the comment section. Some are not bothered about the events at all.

Now that the Governments are making such steps or preparations, will it really motivate people to take the vaccine or not?

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/SAfmnews/status/1437472422920429575

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