Check Out The Harpy Eagle Known As The Strongest Bird On Earth Which Target Preys 4 Times Its Size

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Birds come in different sizes and instincts. Just like the mammals and insects in the animal kingdom, birds have their hierarchical level from the lowest to the highest. The lowest of these birds feed on insects and flowers. However, the highest rank birds are carnivorous in nature; they are birds of prey which feed on small animals. Their strength is superior to all other birds.

The harpy eagle is a species of the eagle family which is labelled as the most strongest bird.

The Harpy Eagle which is native to South American countries such as Brazil and Argentina, has the capability to reach high speeds of up to 50mph (80km/h). This bird is so fast that preys are taken unawares when it strikes. The eagle is equipped with sharp strong claws to make the capture possible.

The animals or prey that the harpy eagle targets are usually very fast and observant of their environment such as the rabbit, the monkeys, and the squirrels. Despite their quickness, the harpy eagle still has the potential to catch them. This proves the superiority of the harpy eagle over all birds.

Despite weighing just 9kg, the harpy eagle can carry a variety of animals such as monkeys, rabbits, chickens, small cats and even squirrel.

Compared to bald eagles, the harpy eagle can be as big as 41 inches or 105 cm as opposed to the bald eagle's 37 inches or 94 cm.

The female gender of the harpy eagle are on average larger than their male counterparts. The female weighs 6 - 9 kg while the males weigh 4 - 5kg. In this species of eagles, the female reigns supreme over the male. Infact, the female hunts for the larger preys while the males target smaller animals.

This breed of eagle has a long lifespan of an average of 30 years. They can live for as low as 25 years or even as high as 35. They also mate for life.

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