Popular singer, Tiwa savage made her opinion known on working with Beyonce and rape culture

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In the modern-day interview with ‘Ebro in the morning,’ Tiwa Savage talks about her collaboration with Beyonce on her ‘Lion King’ and ‘Black Is King’ mission.

Speaking about how she set to work with Beyonce she stated she first of all concept it changed into a rip-off, so she omitted it for days until other humans began saying additionally they obtained the same e mail and she become known as to authenticate the message. She said “i was at the aircraft the next to la… i used to be like, i used to be geared up!”

Speaking on the rape lifestyle in Nigeria, Tiwa stated;

“It wasn’t certainly something I deliberate, it changed into all through this lockdown… I think it’s due to the lockdown we have been paying quite a few interest to the information rather than before in which you would’ve simply gone about your day.

However you’re at home 24/7 you’re seeing tweets about people getting raped and it changed into simply plenty, it turned into heavy on my coronary heart and i used to be just like #WeAreTired, that is improbable, so I commenced tweeting and it just started trending and at that moment I realized that it can’t simply be a trend, I ought to do something greater due to the fact i have a platform and it shouldn’t simply be for song, due to the fact young children are looking me, sending me DMs… and they’re people definitely hurting. So I simply spoke to my team that we ought to do extra.

When this hashtag is over, those young girl’s lives; what takes place to them? So it was simply that moment. It became just heavy on me…”

She also talked about her tune Koroba and now it is a tune with a political undertone, thinking society and the hypocrisy posed through their ethical codes.

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