Azziad Nasenya To Launch Her New Fashion Line Soon


Tiktok star Azziad Nasenya never ceases to amaze people with her content. She has been among the most upcoming social media influencers. People love watching Azziad content because they are unique and she gets to teach people her skills too. She is also a fashion and beauty enthusiasist in that she inspires people on the best fashion trends.

For her love for classy shoes, Azziad has finally decided to lauch her new shoe line soon. After doing several of her Shoe game challenge she has learned so much about the fashion taste of different kind of people. She has plans of having a shoe shop where people of different classes will be able to get shoes of their choice. 

Being a celebrity, she has been able to gather a big number of fans. She targets to have her fans as the first people to market her products. She is a brand influencer of so many fashion companies and that is why she believes running her own shoe shop will not be so hard for her. Azziad is also targeting to have customers upto international level.

Azziad is a very hardworking lady and when she has a goal on something she makes sure she perfects it to the fullest. She is an opportunist and she plans on using his position as a celebrity to be a good position for her to market her brand. She id taking a good time to prepare before launching the business as she does not like dissapointments at all.

My comment and opinion on this article is that Azziad is growing so fast in her brand and she is going so far with it. She will soon be among the best influencers and the highly paid ones too. She is hardworking and other ladies should look at her as a role model.