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I want us to talk about demons, dark shadows “spiritual husbands”, weird creatures that are haunting, following and troubling you.

Before anything, reasons for having witchcraft being used against you might be because of the following below:

1. You could be born with this, a dark shadow over your spirit or you.

2. You are being bewitched with black magic, usually by someone closer to you.

3. As a healer when you remove it from someone and you don’t follow the proper steps of cleaning it stays with you.

4. You took it somewhere and they told you it will make you money.

The list is endless and one would have to consult to understand where it comes from

Signs that one might be bewitched or even cursed with dark magic are

-Intimate dreams or waking up wet down there.

-Dark shadow following you, you usual have serious instincts of something following you everywhere.

-Always having terrible nightmares.

-Fighting with spirits at night that you don’t know, usually in dreams.

-Seeing scary like creatures mostly at night, even shadows.

- Some ladies go on their periods almost everyday and have womb complications.

-Meaningless relationships or you never can keep one.

-Feeling like something is moving inside of you(usually in your intestines or stomach- imitating ndau spirit).

-Trouble breathing, especially at night. There are lot of signs

Getting rid of this is not so easy, mostly you need an experienced healer that works with these things and knows how to tackle witchcraft easily. Often you will need to femba, and do other things for it to go away for good.

Steps you can follow for now

- Drink incense before you sleep

-Light 7 colors of your choice

-Pray and communicate with your ancestors before you sleep. and wake up between 12am and 3am (which is considered the witchcraft or witching hours).

ways to get rid of Witchcraft 

-Bath with sea salt and holy ash before you sleep.

-Wear a white doek when you sleep for protection against any witchcraft activities.

Spiritual warfare is not for the faint hearted.

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