The 2 States In The South East That Have Substantial Igbo Muslim Population

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The emergence of Islam in Igbo land started several decades ago. However, there are some state within the South East that the religion is thriving more than the rest. 

In this article, would be looking at these two states and some possible reasons why they are growing in population. 

When it comes to the spread of Islam religion in the south east, Enugu State as well as Ebonyi state have a substantial Muslim population than other states within the region. 

Enohia Itim in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State is said to be the community with the highest number of Muslims in the entire South East. 

The Afikpo axis also host the Arabic and Islamic Studies that is affiliated with the Islamic World League in Saudi Arabia. The school is one of the most vibrant Muslims school in Africa. Apart from that, the area has about three functional Mosques. 

According to Daily Sun Newspaper, Ehohia Itim used to be a complete Christian area, but everything changed in the year 1958 when late Nwagui Okpani came back from Senegal and began to propagate the religion. 

Nsukka is one area of Enugu state where Igbo Muslims are commonly found. The coming of Islam in Enugu dates back to several decades ago as well. Some of the elder that helped in spreading the religion are said to have converted outside the region. 

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