Main side hustle along with your job


Ladies can take advantage of the social media platforms for business, most of them have high followers that they can turn them to business clients.

Such businesses are as follows;

#1. Clothes and shoes; you can buy two or three trending shirts, trousers and kicks then market it on your various social media platforms. Make arrangements with those who are interested in a particular item and deliver it to them.

#2. Perfume and body splash; get a place where you can buy a perfume or body splash at a lower price and sell it at a moderate price for profit. Be truthful with your customers and be at their service when needed.

#3. Beads and jewelry; you can learn beading or buy from a place where it is cheap price and retail it to your customers. Add earrings, necklace and bracelets.

#4. Beauty products; get some beauty products at cool price and add a moderate profit on it then market it on your social media platforms. You can also add hair to it because a lot of people will like it.

You can get a good delivery company to do your deliveries for you.

Always be at their service and you will be relevant when their need arises.