Dozens Arrested as Police Lobby Teargas Cannisters to Enforce Curfew Orders Along Juja Road


People using Juja road or outering road are being advised to avoid Kariobangi North Roundabout as police are lobbying teargas canisters to commuters in a bid to enforce curfew orders.

According to information from close sources dozens of people have been arrested during the exercise for flouting Covid 19 rules by the government.

'Avoid Kariobangi North Roundabout Area if you are using Juja rd or Outering Rd.Police lobbying teargas canisters in the name of enforcing curfew Orders,dozens arrested'

This comes a month after president Uhuru Kenyatta issued strict containment measures in the one zoned area comprising of Nairobi, Kiambu, Machakos, Nakuru and Kajiado counties due to the surge in positive cases of Corona virus.

Since then people using Thika Super Highway past 8 pm which is the set time for curfew in those counties have been experiencing difficulties as police roadblocks are put at various stations along the road.

Many people were even forced to spend more time than they expected on the roads for being on the highway past curfew hour.

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