Why treating the strep throat and scarlet fever is essential in preventing the rheumatic fever.

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Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory condition that can develop when scarlet fever or step throat is not properly treated.Scarlet fever is a bacterial illness that occurs in some people with the strep throat.Fever, a red rash, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, headaches and body aches are some of its symptoms.A strep throat is a bacterial condition that may cause a sore scratchy throat.A sore throat, fever and swollen lymph nodes of the neck are some of its symptoms.

Rheumatic fever may be classified into acute or chronic based on the duration of symptoms.It is most common in young children and young adults. The fever can occur after a throat infectiom from the bacterium Group A Streptococcus which cause strep throat and rarely scarlet fever. This bacteria can cause different illneses ranging from less serious to very serious and deadly diseases.

Red, hot or swollen joints, heart murmurs, chest pain, fatigue, jerky, uncontrollable body movements, Red got or swollen joints, painful and tender joints, small, painless bumps beneath the skin, headaches, swollen, red tonsils,flat red rash with a jagged edge are some of the symptoms of this fever.

Treating strep throat and scarlet fever is essential in the prevention of rheumatic fever. Untreated rheumatic fever can cause aortic valve stenosis, heart failure, atrail fibrillation, heart muscle damage.

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