My Hubby Beat Me And I Lost My Sight, He Wanted A Baby Girl And I Give Birth To A Boy:Woman Narrates


A woman by the name rose Minayo has narrated how her husband beat her until she lost her sight because giving birth to a boy and he wanted a girl.

According to rose she got married when she was 15years old and she got pregnant and her mother in laws used to drunk a lot and would abuse her bad names that they had to move from kakamega to Nairobi.

Rose claims that life was good until her husband started cheating on her and after questioning him about the matter he would beat her she would call her dad who advised her to leave the children and come back home but since she didn't want to live her kids she stayed.

When she got pregnant for the second born her husband was happy and wanted the baby to be a girl but when she went to give birth the baby was a boy and rose called him to ask to come and give the baby the name he refused.

After she went home her husband didn't talk to her and when he told him that it's God who give babies he started beating her until she lost her sight.

Rose says that after she was taken to the hospital by her friend where the doctor said she needed 100,000 for her eyes to be operated but since she didn't have money she went back home to her best friend.

After a while a good Samaritan wanted to take care of her bills in hospital but the doctor said that since she took long her eyes can not be operated and she will live blind for the rest of her life.

Rose lives with her children a place where a good Samaritan gave them to live she says that her children are the one who direct her in everything she does and when they in school she just stays in the house until they come back.

She has pleaded with well wishers to help her cater for her two boys school fees and food stuffs since that the only problem she is having right now.



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