Check Out What This Prisoner Were Caught Doing In Camera. (Watch Video)

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Check Out What This Prisoner Were Caught Doing In Camera.


Certain prisoner got caught doing some #UmlandoChallenge in prison. Apparently there is a video which is making social media. A video of prisoner doing #UmlandoChallenge is currently making some rounds and mzansi seems to be loving it.

It seems like everyone is doing #UmlandoChallenge, they are showing off their mkhaba those who does not have it. Not long ago we saw Lady Du taking the same challenge.It's been under about fourteen days into the new year and web-based media is now held with another dance challenge.

Umlando is an unreleased tune by amapiano stars Toss, 9Umba and Mdoovar. It originally did the rounds on video sharing application TikTok and has since spread to Twitter. The Umlando challenge has topped patterns on Twitter for a really long time and, realizing the amount South Africans love to move, it doesn't appear as though it's going to subside any time soon.

Everyone is happy even the prisoner are also happy. Viewers could not help but to gush over him. It funny how prisoner get access to television and cellphone. It seems like they are now living comfortable life while in prison. It's not suprising we have seen many prisoners making video while in prison and post it Instagram and in Facebook.

This is the other reason why prisoners are so relaxed in prison. Some people seems to enjoy living inside prison. That's why we see many man find themself returning to prison over and over with the same crime they committed is because they living comfortable life.

Not long ago we recently read article about a Botswana man who was arrested after he raped 63 years old woman. The man saw arrested for the same crime at the same woman but it seems like everything just lead to him. It is unfortunately that he remain in custody. He is a danger to other people.

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