Ezekiel Mutua Reacts To Mukhisa Kituyi's Viral Video, Netizen Storm Him For Defending Kituyi


The whole of yesterday was actually was actually one of the worst days in Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi's life. This happened as he made headlines and the talk of all social media platforms. This came from a viral video that leaked which was alleged to be him with the lady he met at the coast.

Kituyi was body shamed all over as different people reacted sarcastically. However, details emerged that the lady who he was body shamed with was a South African declaring the video photoshopped. Many people have come in to console him. Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has also consoled him saying this;

"Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi is a globally respected intellectual powerhouse and one of Kenya's best leadership brands. He's an elder, a husband and a father. To drag his private moments - real or perceived, into the public is evidence of how low we have sank as society. SAD," said Dr. Ezekiel Mutua.

It's too unfortunate that a while aspiring president can be body shamed with someone who is yet to be confirmed if she's really the one. Let's hope such habits are going to seize because it's gradually becoming a regular thing. Ezekiel Mutua's attempts to defend Kituyi have sparked different sarcastic reactions as people storm him for defending Kituyi. Have a look at the screenshots below;

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