Wambui Wa Muturi's Response on Gaining Confidence as a Plus Size Lady on TV


Wambui Wa Muturi kicked off a recent social media post by stating that the fact that one is plus size does not mean that they are not flexible and fit. Wambui Wa Muturi went on to state that she is often asked how she gains confidence as a plus-size lady on Tv because many go through body shaming that gets to affect their self-esteem.

Wambui Wa Muturi's response has always been that she can only determine her plate and the quantity in it but not her genes and DNA. She also urged ladies not to lose their self-esteem out of their body posture and physique.

Wambui also urged all not to be bothered by people's opinions if they can only understand what it takes for God to mould one. She could also not understand where the narrative of comparing the plus size and the skinny individuals came from.

Being on Tv requires one to have brains and not the body size of one as disclosed by Wambui. Winding up, she got to urge all to love themselves.

The photos are courtesy of Wambui Wa Muturi's social media.

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