'Kuna Wababa Wengi Wanapenda Ikiwa Hivi' Silprosa Tells Off Those Trolling Her For Her Weight


Former Aunty boss actress Sandra Dacha her plus size figure has not hindered her from being her true self, as she has embraced her body unlike many. During one of her interviews she went on to reveal how much weight she weighs leaving fans worried and shocked for her health. According to the lady, she weighs a whooping 123kg and is happy about it. However what she may fail to understand is that with such weight, one is exposed to heart related illnesses, diabetes among other life threatening illnesses.

The larger than life character left Kenyans talking after she made her post. Silprosa took to her Facebook page to post her latest photo as she wrote asking those who have a soft spot for slim ladies to go for them. She revealed that she gets so many men interested in her but most of them come with one demeaning condition. That she must first lose some weight for them to take her. Silprosa felt that this was unfair as love is not about doing the other party a favor. She held a strong opinion that there are so many people who love plus size girls. Thus she was not ready to alter her body for the sake of people. She is a single mother of one boy who is Seven years of age.


Sandra shared her photo as she captioned,

"Dear men,

If you have a soft spot for slim women,just go for them. ...but don't come to me telling me you want me but for me to be with you,I need to loose weight. Oya! Kwani kuna favour unanifanyia?😱Just go and seduce your type! Hii nyama kuna wababa wengi sana wanapenda ikiwa hivi🤣😂😂🤣

End of quote.


Kenyans reacted on her comment section and below is what some of them said,

@James, "Waachane na nyama zako nizako alone"

@Julius, "Real Man Tunapenda Nyama, Mifupa ni za Fisi hahahaha" 

@Juliet, "period🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣meaty meaty is the way to go"

@Doreen, "Pamoja my dear.we are heavy machines and we have our heavy machines.hahahaaa mtayua hamyui!!"

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@Tanui, "Men,dont date FAT women,Amerix 2021"

@Joseph, "Loosing weight is for your good not for men."

@Ela, "Ivi ndo mtu awez konda ata afanye aje ndo husema😅😅😅😅"

@Achieng, "Wakwende kabisa, viumbe zisizotosheka"

@Douglas, "Loud and clear. Nani anataka kula mifupa aache steki?"

@Winnie, "Hapo sawa wambie coz pia mm wanasubuka sana na hii mweli yangu kama utanipenda nipende vile Niko"

Sandra recently revealed that her military boyfriend dumped after seeing a huge fridge in her house. While appearing on Aziad’s Youtube show ‘Shoe Game’, the thespian revealed a lot about the people she has dated, Including men who would steal her shoes. Anyango went ahead and said that the boyfriend who was working on a mission out of the country visited her after a few months and saw a very huge fridge in her kitchen. Her military man doubted where the ‘Auntie Boss’ actress would get all the money to purchase such a huge accessory and decided to leave.

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