Tracey Boakye Calls Jackie Appiah's Mansion A Bush House-Causes Massive Stir On Social Media

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Tracey Boakye, otherwise is causing a huge mix via web-based entertainment!

Tracey has marked A-List entertainer Jackie Appiah's new manor as a shrubbery house.

She has cautioned individuals to quit labeling her to view Jackie's shrubbery house, and the miserable part is that she labeled Jackie Appiah for her post.

After a video of Jackie Appiah's new house surfaced on the net, Tracey Boakye and Agradaa have been getting stray shots as they're known for their abuse of classical gold materials.

They have been hauled by different web-based entertainment clients to gain a couple from the exemplary inside style of Jackie's chateau. However, Tracey has disapproved and she is attacking Jackie Appiah on her phantom page.

Tracey Boakye is utilizing her apparition page named mama_traceyb, enjoyed and followed by her, to slander Jackie Appiah. She has depicted her manor as a hedge house, and she is likewise pitching fits at her faultfinders. Clearly,It’s obvious that some of Jackie’s colleagues are jealous and some are under pressure from her success and Tracey Boakye is just too hurt to hide her pain.

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