Tammy Abraham: Reason why I prefer Naija Jollof to Ghana Jollof

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Due to the coronavirus, the premier league and other leagues have been suspended from featuring in any form of competition.

In a recent interview with Chelsea's talisman Tammy Abraham he had this to say: On how he is and how he has been spending time, Abraham said, "I'm good. I've just been chilling, legs up, laid back and just been playing PlayStation all day; mixing it up with playing of FIFA, Call of Duty and Fortnite. I have come so close at winning on War Zone, I haven't yet."

He chose Fikayo Tomori as the teammate he would most likely be able to spend quarantine with due to their shared enthusiasm for playing Monopoly.

Can I cook jollof? Absolutely not but my mum can so probably the meal I have had most in quarantine has been jollof rice.

‘The Nigeria version is my choice to be honest. The Ghanaian one is a little bit more spicy but it is about the flavours, not just about the spice, how it sits in your mouth, how it digests into your stomach.’

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