Meet the plus size model who has model for several top brands


Ally Q,who is popularly known as 'cojiba' on Instagram is a social media influencer and model.She was born on October 30 1991,which means she was 30years old right now.The popular model was born and raised in Boston in United States of She has well developed physique.She was 5feets and 8il inches tall and reportedly weigh 57kg.Her hair color is dark brown and her eyes color is brown.

Ally Q was able to land several deals from several top brands to promote their stuff.She has model for brands like R&M Richards, fashion Nova,DDH Apparel,Artistix fashion and so on.She is living a luxury lifestyle through the fortune she earned from her endorsement deal with different top brands over the year.

Having a branded car,clothes,accessories,villas made clear that she was earning a handful of money through her social media reach.Her hardwork also speaks for her.

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