Reason why some rituals for your ancestors are not successful, check below how (opinion)

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As a family you must make sure that your grand parents house and your parents house is taken care of , because sometimes you will need it to use when you're doing certain ritual for your ancestors

According to a research many people have different opinion, when it comes to how to do traditional rituals, any ritual depends on how your family do rituals, the way of doing any ritual for ancestors is passed from generation to generation

According to our culture everyone should know how to do a family ritual, each an every ritual have instructions, in order for any ritual to be successful instructions need to be followed

Because ancestors are very strict, when instructions are not followed ancestors will reject the ritual

When things are getting very bad for you even though you have done the ritual that is needed by ancestors, you will consult a traditional healer that will tell you, the ritual for the ancestors was unsuccessful

Sometimes your ancestors will show you in your dreams that ritual was unsuccessful, there are many different things that can make the ancestors to reject the ritual

Even if you have slaughtered a cow instead of goat because rituals are not the same , some rituals are done by a cow and some are done by a goatwhen you doing a ritual, you must make sure you know the ritual very well, don't ask your ritual to other people

people need to understand that chickens don't do rituals, chicken is used to report to the ancestors, if you consulted a traditional healer that has told you, your ancestors need to be cleanse

that is a big ritual, if you don't have money to do the ritual, You can use a chicken to report to the ancestors, that you know about the ritual they need, you don't have money to do it now and mention when are you going to do that ritual

Sources Mr mavuka(Traditional healer)

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