Funny Hairstyle of Footballers That Got People Talking

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Football and fashion are one thing that goes together. Some footballers become popular not because of their performance on the field but the lifestyle they live through fashion. Others have made fashion brands more attractive to wear. Some footballers are very passionate about their hairstyle as they can spend thousands of euros just to look good with their hair. While they try to look good with their hair, some players' own are different as they go from good to bad. Today we look at some crazy haircuts in the history of football and how it affects the players in their career.

1. Taribo West

Taribo West is a Nigerian footballer who plays for Inter Milan and AC Milan in the Italian Seria A. He played as a centre-back and was known for his aggressive style of play.

2. Ronaldo Nazario

Ronaldo Nazario is regarded as the best centre-forward of all time in football history. He guided Brazil to win the World cup in 2002. Proud to the Finals of the 2002 FIFA world cup, Ronaldo shave this hairstyle and it got people talking about it. Am sure he would have reached a million views if Twitter and Instagram were around at that time.

3. Giovane Simeoni

The Hellas Verona star used to shave like this when he was playing as a young boy for River plate in Argentina. Maybe he saw this style of the haircut in his favourite Chinese movie.

4. Aristotle Bance

The Burkina Faso international is well known for his hairstyle and not his performance on the pitch. Very handsome and tall as well. He is one of the most beautiful footballers in Africa.

5. El Hadji Diouf

Former Senegal forward was one of the brightest spots after the 2002 FIFA World Cup but the former Liverpool man failed to reach the highest level of his football career. But one thing we cannot forget about Diouf was the hairstyle that made him famous.

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