'Unakuanga Mali Safi', Ladies Thirst Over Edgar During Instagram Live

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Edgar Obare's live Instagram interview with Abby's mother, Ciku, did not prevent ladies from admiring his looks and asking for his number. This happened after connectivity challenges emerged on Ciku's side and Edgar couldn't clearly communicate with her. The ladies in the audience then took the opportunity to try out their luck on Edgar as everyone waited for Ciku to work on her internet connection.

I was able to count not one or two, but several ladies complimenting Edgar's looks and some even asking if they he can date as side chicks. Edgar just laughed off the comments. Some of the audience also requested him to show off his partner, because it seemed like she was sited beside him although she was hidden from the camera.

Edgar is really good looking and we all understand why ladies couldn't hide their admiration for him. He was forced to end the live session and head for lunch after Ciku couldn't fix connectivity issues on her end, to the disappointment of his fans who were eager to hear Ciku's side of story regarding Kabi and Abby. The live had managed to attract over 10K viewers by the time it ended.

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