Footballers who don’t Believe in God, (Photos)

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In the playing field we always see players trying to thank God through their celebrations. Mohammed Salah, Mane and Pogba hold the Islamic faith highly in the field of football.

Here are some of the players who don’t

Matt Watson (England)

He played in the United States and represented great teams such as Chicago Fire Club.

Ricardo Montolivo (Italy)

He represented for the Azzuris more than 60 times. He was even in the Ac Milan team.

O’Kane (Ireland)

He planned to have a humanistic wedding and sued the government when it didn’t allow them to do so. Doesn’t like anything involving with religion.

Brian Clough (England)         

He was a manager in Nottingham Forest and he was a subject in a movie entitled The Damned United.

Johan Cruyff

The Barcelona and Ajax legend is among the players who won the Ballon d’Or. He said he doesn’t believe in God because if the sign of the cross was working all games would end as a draw.

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